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Jessie Mary Cooper (McAndrew)


Women's History Month 2012

Women with a Plan: architects, town planners and landscape architects

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Women's History Month 2011

Women in the Business of Food

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About Women's History Month

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About the Australian Women's History Forum

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IWD events

8 March is International Women's Day

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Women's History Month 2010

Demeter’s Daughters: women’s harvest history

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Women's History Month 2009

Parliamentary Women

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Women's History Month 2008

Women with a Mission: working worldwide

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Women's History Month 2007

Arm in Arm - women working together

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Women's History Month 2006

Musical Belles

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Women's History Month 2005

Racy Women

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National History Challenge

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Women's History Month Australia

In 2012 we created a new website - visit for updated information.

  Find on this  site:

The Great Debate 2014

Souvenir Poster  & ProgramInvitation

The landmark  'End of Womens History Month'  debate in the Albert Hall Canberra on 26 March 2014 is available online.


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Explore Australian women's history

This portal site was developed to provide as a classroom resource for students and teacher. General users will also enjoy this window onto women's history in Australia and beyond, with stories, images, documents and data.

Australian Women's History Month 2013: Finding Founding Mothers

For Women’s History Month 2013 ww wanted to identify some of the women involved in shaping Federation and the new nation of Australia from 1901. This gallery was developed on our new site - see Finding Founding Mothers 2013

Australian Women's History Month 2012: Women with a Plan

We aimed to turn the extraordinary into the ordinary, removing any surprise at the number of women among the urban planners, architects, and landscape architects who shaped our surroundings, and our history in the past century. 

On the 2012 WHM website page you will find some great resource material, including an essay by historian Dr Lenore Coltheart on the struggles and successes of early women planners around Australia.  If you want to investigate further we have also included a bibliography of useful reference material at the end of the essay.  We have just posted an A4 size poster which you can print off or use as publicity material on-line.  In the New Year we will also be adding a Gallery that will highlight a small number of significant, early women planners.

Download our 2012 poster

WH Andrew leaning over a drafting table.

Right click to download our 2012 poster of Winsome Hall Andrew, Sydney Architect 1905-1997 (PDF 223kb)

Previous Women's History Month themes

2011 Theme: Women in the business of food
See their stories in the  WHM 2011 Gallery

2010 Theme: Demeter's Daughters: women's harvest history
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2009 Theme: Parliamentary Women
See their stories in the  WHM 2009 Gallery

2008 Theme: Women with a Mission 
See their stories in the WHM 2008 Gallery

2007 Theme: Arm in Arm: working together
See their stories in the WHM 2007 Gallery

2006 Theme: Musical Belles
See their stories in the WHM 2006 Gallery

2005 Theme: Racy Women
See their stories in the WHM 2005 Gallery

The first Women's History Month websites are online in the Pandora archive:

2004 Womens History Month

2003 Womens History Month

2002 Women's History Month